About Andrew Norman

I have had an interest in personal development for many years. Originally through reading and attending talks by inspirational speakers. My first experience of inspirational speakers was in 1985 when I attended a two weekend course by the Landmark Forum. www.landmarkworldwide.com/

I have been working in various capacities within the graphic design industry for the past 30 years. Either as a designer or creative artworker. I have been self employed through most of those years which was allowed me to study other things easily.

So first of all I trained in Reiki up to master level in my spare time during the 1990s. I continued with regular practice groups and assisted with training new students for the next few years.

In 2003 I was involved in a serious road accident which left me with some 'moderate brain damage'. This and the physical injuries took a while  to adjust to and I had 18 months of counselling. The need for the counselling was a lot to do with the brain injury. I found it incredibly helpful and thought that It would be interesting to get training on how to counsel other people.

Following on from that I studied for a foundation course in Person Centred Counselling at Colchester Institute, and got my completion certificate in 2004. In 2006 I signed up to do a degree in the same subject but somehow felt it was not the right thing for me so decided not to go ahead. www.colchester.ac.uk/courses/areas-of-study/counselling/

Also in 2006 I signed up for a course in NLP which I attended by was not sure it was being taught very well, so decided not to continue.  It become apparent in the first two days that there are lots of ways of approaching NLP techniques and the trainers on the course were not resonating with me at all.

My next foray into NLP was having some coaching from a Master Practitioner who had been trained really well and had a very different approach to my previous NLP experience. I was blown away by how much progress I had made in such a short space of with the coaching. This reactivated my interest in NLP. I very soon started to go to talks and practice groups run by Toby and Kate McCartney. This involved regular CPD groups and I was qualified to NLP Practitioner level in 2014. www.tobyandkatemccartney.com/

Originally, I was mainly interested in my own personal development but working in the practice groups I found it very rewarding to see other people benefiting from the techniques too. I continued with CPD and practice groups for another 18 months and eventually trained to NLP Master Practitioner level in 2016 with Beyond Training Solutions. www.beyondnlptraining.com/ I now keep in contact with my trainers from Beyond and volunteer to crew for them at events using the skills they have taught me. I find working with them enjoyable and rewarding.

I studied for a Coaching Certificate with Centre of Excellence in 2017.  https://www.centreofexcellence.com/

Since October last year I have been working from Woodbridge Complimentary Health Centre in Woodbridge on Friday mornings. It is a very holistic practice bringing in a wide variety of therapists and has a great atmosphere. My personal practice is building up gradually.